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20. November 2020

Improved dryer belt: improved filtration properties with high air permeability

  • Application: Drying of biomass and predrying of raw materials in the wood-based materials industry.
  • Advantages: Improved filtration properties, greater air permeability, electrostatic discharge
  • Solution: GKD –  Conducto® 5085

The optimized Conducto® 5085 dryer belt possesses better filtration properties than its predecessor, Conducto® 5065, thanks to a more tightly woven belt surface. Yet it still retains its extremely high air permeability of over 3,000 l/m² s.

The emission of fine dust particles is further reduced thanks to the greater filtration. What is more, the interwoven bronze wires that feature in all Conducto belts guarantee continuous electrostatic discharge throughout the entire service life of the belt.

The new generation of dryer belts

If you would like more information on our new Conducto® 5085, please contact our experts directly.
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