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14. June 2021

Metal mesh in the hotel and gastronomy industry

Due to the pandemic, the exclusive hotel and restaurant industry has been confronted with new challenges. To comply with the required social distancing regulations and shape the feeling of physical and emotional security architecturally, forward-looking concepts are needed. The GKD Group meets these challenges with metal fabrics in warm hues for different applications: As room dividers, innovative shelving designs, movable solar protection, roll-up doors, and ceiling and wall cladding, GKD metal fabrics offer exclusive hotels and restaurants pioneering solutions.

Room dividers made from GKD metal fabric are in high demand right now: In the lobby or other public areas, they create protected places for people to work or rest without distracting from the visual openness of an area. Models with integrated metal fabric that has been laminated in glass can be found in Bulgari hotels around the world. Ceiling-high folding doors with encased GKD Mandarin fabric divide the suites of the Bulgari hotels in Shanghai and Milan into sleeping and living areas. The function of room dividers as intuitive route guidance which organizes the natural flow of guests in the lobby and on the way to the elevators and rooms is becoming increasingly important. Metal fabric is also used as decorative fall guard protection, staircase balustrades, or wall cladding. At the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost Hotel, a room divider made from bronze GKD Mandarin fabric provides spectacular illumination across two floors by means of internal LED lighting. In the suites of the Roomers Hotel Munich, innovative furniture designs comprising gold-colored PC-Alu 6010 anodized metal mesh set stylish accents: The mesh panels form furnishings such as open closets which shield the bathroom from view. As movable or hinged solar protection elements, GKD metal fabrics enable pleasant circulation of air while preventing rooms from overheating.  Roll-up doors made from metal fabric work well as an attractive variable solution for areas that are not always open, such as spas, parking garages, or event rooms.  GKD cable meshes follow virtually any shape and dimension, enabling planners maximum freedom of design with free-form ceilings. The diverse applications of GKD metal fabrics in the hotel and restaurant industry make them a universal problem solver in the pandemic.

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