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06. January 2021

INFOBASE for worldwide interactive cooperation

With the introduction of a GKD-wide CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and an internal communication and collaboration platform, the GKD group is strengthening its cross-location cooperation and group-wide knowledge transfer.

Strong growth, the increasing complexity of processes, and growing customer and quality standards were increasingly revealing the limits of the conventional means that had so far been in decentralized use at GKD. This is why last year, the company consistently focused on creating cross-group systems that connect all sites, areas, and departments. The idea behind this is to eliminate obstacles to growth and to make targeted use of existing synergies. After the homogenization of the data landscape in Production, the next goals on the list were to digitalize business processes in the group using a group-wide CRM system and to create a global knowledge database. From then on, acquisition of customer data and customer-related activities as well as structured overviews and analyses based on them have supported all sales processes across locations with a 360-degree view of customer needs. As such, GKD is able to respond proactively and more quickly to altered requirements with corresponding product innovations and to offer customers even better consulting and solutions to problems. In parallel to this, the INFOBASE global knowledge database, which unites the elements of intranet, collaboration platform, and company wiki, connects all employees worldwide. As an intranet, it pursues the goal of bringing employees together and strengthening the team culture. As a collaboration platform, it enables group-wide interactive cooperation in order to realize even highly complex projects more transparently and, above all, more quickly. At the same time, as a company wiki it bundles the collective intelligence of the company in the form of product, market, and application expertise, making knowledge centrally accessible that was previously only available locally. In creating such structured systems, GKD is dynamically driving forward the knowledge available across the group and using the synergies this creates at the operational level to enable further company growth.

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