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30. April 2019

Illumesh: Metal mesh Indemann has been glowing for 10 years

This year marks one decade since the Indemann, designed by the Maastricht-based architectural firm Maurer United Architects, first took up its post surveying the surrounding landscape. As an emblem for the transformation in the structural policy of a former mining region, the 36-meter-high scalable steel sculpture perched on the Goldsteinkuppe hill in Inden is reminiscent of an early robot. The Indemann is clad in Illumesh fabric from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG. Rows of LEDs mounted horizontally in front of the stainless steel mesh in special brackets bring the metallic skin to life with spectacular light shows.

With three viewing platforms, the Indemann, constructed from 270 tons of steel, invites visitors to take in the breathtaking views of the region. This symbol of ambitious planning for the future is visible for miles around. The outstretched arm points to the landscape in a state of transition. In the last ten years, the area around the Indemann has developed into a popular recreation space and offers many different leisure activities. To mark the anniversary of the illuminated giant, many visitor events are being held to draw people to the site. The focal point is the symbolic figure with its coat of 1,470 square meters of Illumesh. In daylight, the woven, transparent stainless steel cloak dissolves the stark geometric silhouette of the Indemann by cleverly reflecting the surroundings, allowing it to melt into the landscape. At night, 256 illuminated rows of LEDs lend him a hologram-like three-dimensional appearance. The interplay of design and light shows makes the Indemann a glowing symbol of successful structural policy and a tourist attraction.

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