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14. April 2021

Hidden champion: Welt der Wunder at GKD in Düren

The GKD Group was again tested as one of 500 global market leaders by magazine WirtschaftsWoche in cooperation with Sankt Gallen University this year. TV show Welt der Wunder dedicates a special format to these hidden champions. GKD kicked things off.

The popular magazine show which deals with topics from the world of research and science has also been available as its own channel on free TV since 2013 and reaches almost 35 million households in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Welt der Wunder team filmed on location in Düren for a whole day to give viewers a glimpse behind the scenes. Alongside GKD board members Ingo and Stephan Kufferath, the Division Managers also have their say. Together, they provide an insight into the world of GKD and how it produces successful products. The report also looks at the company’s foundation by Josef Kufferath in 1925. With the development of metal mesh for filtration of coal slurry, he laid the foundation for the worldwide company that exists today. The film gives an impressive demonstration of how high-performance filter media and components, process belts, and architectural mesh are made. Ingo Kufferath provides a glimpse at the high-tech weaving equipment. Many of the machines were developed in house.

At the heart of GKD’s activities is the almost 100-year-old guiding principle of developing products that make the world healthier, safer, or cleaner. For instance, Peter Wirtz, Head of Industrial Mesh, explains that the very finest mesh used in applications such as water filtration has up to 1.5 million pores in an area the size of a two-euro coin. Michael Seelert, Head of Process Belts, explains the key design elements of the belts, which are indispensable in the raw materials or fruit juice industries. Director Stephan Kufferath provides a wealth of examples to highlight the energy efficiency of metal mesh as solar protection. Representing the fourth generation of the family-run firm, Lara Kufferath is also on board. The 15-minute report aired in September 2020. The report is available on YouTube in German and English at and

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