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30. April 2020

CONDUCTO® 7690: Permanent electrostatic discharge

Nonwovens are responding to ever increasing demand on the global market. CONDUCTO® 7690, a new type of mesh design made from polyester monofilaments and metallic multifilaments for processes with particularly high electrostatic charge, can also be used without risk for demanding medical and hygiene products. As the latest member of the CONDUCTO® family from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG, this belt type has already proven its worth in trial operation.

Achieving maximum process reliability and system availability is crucial in securing production efficiency and the success of products in the nonwovens industry. CONDUCTO® belts from GKD perform a key task here thanks to their system-specific and product-specific design and the materials used in their construction. As a new mesh design, CONDUCTO® 7690 enables up to ten times greater dissipation of electrostatic charge than conventional belts in the production of hygiene products such as diapers or sanitary pads. It is the metallic multifilaments woven into the rear side of the belt that make the crucial difference here. They do not come into contact with the product and the flexible cable design made from endless stainless steel fibers optimizes the dissipation of electrostatic charges with unprecedented efficiency. The new mesh belt from GKD is exceptionally robust and does not suffer from bending fatigue. Non-marking seams ensure products free of pressure marks. CONDUCTO® 7690 combines these properties with the familiar benefits of all CONDUCTO® forming belts: excellent traction, homogeneous web formation, optimum nonwoven removal, and easy cleaning. The new mesh design now provides even greater efficiency in particularly challenging production processes.

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