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09. March 2018

A solution for every process: GKD in spunbond production

Spunbonds are seen as one of the biggest trends in the steadily growing market of nonwovens. Whether it is for hygiene products such as diapers and facial tissues or for single-use medical products, the requirements for the production of ever thinner, lighter, and stronger spunbonds are tough. Thanks to cross-process consulting, design, production, and service offerings, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG is a globally established process partner for exacting spunbond production.

The fastest-growing segment in the technical textiles sector is nonwovens. Spunbond nonwovens are in particularly high demand. In order to set themselves apart in this highly competitive market, manufacturers are consistently optimizing the efficiency and productivity of the single-step spunbond process. By designing the mesh and selecting materials specifically for the plant and product when providing filter media for central filters and spinning beams, blower screens, and process belts, GKD plays its part in adapting spunbond processes to growing requirements. The stainless steel optimized dutch weaves (ODW) from GKD make up a significant share of this in polymer filtration. Slot-shaped pores on the mesh surface are smaller than the pores inside the mesh and therefore retain larger particles directly on the mesh surface. Along with very precise filtration rates and greater dirt holding capacity, the low clogging tendency also speaks in favor of their use in the production of spunbond nonwovens. In screen changers this type of mesh is used as a multi-ply structure in process-specific filter discs or cartridges. Screens consisting of five to six filter layers with separation rates of 10 to 40 µm are used in the central filter. In the spinning beams, several layers of made-to-measure, specifically matched meshes filter the fusion flow. Rectifiers – screens arranged on one or both sides of the fiber flow – bond the still hot endless filaments by blowing them with cold air before they are ejected. These blower screens made of large-format honeycomb supporting plates, which employ a high-quality specially pretreated mesh design on both sides and are fixed in place in a frame construction, ensure the homogeneous flow required for a smooth fiber flow. GKD is also a reliable partner in the fourth and final station of the spunbond process. Electrostatic discharge process belts from the CONDUCTO® and CONDUCTIVE model lines guarantee the safety of the integrated process workflow through bronze wires or carbon-coated filaments in the warp and a non-marking pin seam. Homogeneous web formation, process-specific air permeability, good nonwoven release, and reliable adhesion underline their efficiency in the laydown zone. In addition to comprehensive service from a single source, it is the combination of cross-process engineering and consulting competence and the manufacturing expertise that goes along with it that makes GKD the world’s most sought-after problem solver for demanding spunbond processes.

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