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26. June 2019

3D high-performance filtration mesh

With Porometric, GKD has developed a completely new range of high-tech filtration meshes with three-dimensional fabric structure. The flow rate is up to three times higher than with conventional fabrics. It also boasts significantly better dirt holding capacity, impressive mechanical stability, porosity of around 80%, and excellent durability.

Porometric is the result of consistent further development of filtration meshes, as well as GKD’s proximity to its customers and their industrial processes. Since filtration represents an important process step in the most diverse of sectors, there are a wide range of requirement profiles for filter media. To ensure that the high permeability and excellent separation performance of Porometric are available for as many applications as possible, GKD can provide many different Porometric meshes with apertures of between 13 µm and 1,000 µm. Fully customized mesh designs can also be produced to meet special customer requirements.

Porometric is fundamentally a metal mesh/wire mesh. Depending on the application, however, non-metallic materials can also be interwoven. This makes the high-performance filtration mesh suitable for a particularly broad range of filtration applications and means that it can be used in virtually all sectors. New fields of application are continuously being added.

Click here to learn all about the benefits of the new filtration mesh, as well as its specifications, fields of application, processing options, and information on current research projects: Porometric filtration mesh

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