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Stainless steel fabric: Fall guard protection & wall cladding at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium Cladding

At the Yankee baseball stadium in New York, around 3,200 m² of stainless steel metal fabric serve as fall guard protection, a variety of wall claddings, and backdrop for the team logo, which was applied to the fabric using an etching technique.

Openness was a key focus for the architects designing the new Yankee Stadium. In the area of the Great Hall ‒ on the balconies and galleries that transition between the entrance and the playing field ‒ a custom-produced Tigris fabric was used as fall guard protection. The transparent stainless steel fabric affords an unencumbered view while guaranteeing the necessary safety.
The PC-Tigris 3110 and PC-Omega 1505 design fabrics were used as wall cladding for the interior and exterior architecture of the stadium (including elevators, walls, and stairs). Their robust texture makes them resistant to scratches and impacts, which means that they also provide protection against vandalism and offer custom design options. For instance, the surface of the fabric above the elevators was etched to permanently display the logo of the New York Yankees, while the fabric cladding on the elevators is reminiscent of the baseball stars' characteristic pinstripe jersey design.

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