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Gleaming golden solar protection façade produced from architectural fabric

Radiance Apartments

The 15-story Radiance Apartments building in the Darling Harbour recreational area of Sydney received a functional and elegant solar protection façade produced from gold-colored, movable metal fabric elements. GKD's PC-ALU 6010 aluminum fabric was gold-anodized to create this special look. The textile structure of the weather-resistant architectural fabric offers protection from direct sunlight and summer heat. This reduced heat input means that the building does not get as hot in summer, which in turn reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning systems. At the same time, the solar protection façade offers visual screening. Visibility from the outside is restricted, while outward views from within the building remain unimpeded thanks to the transparent weave structure. During daylight hours, the light transmission of the architectural fabric ensures a bright and pleasant atmosphere inside the building. Unlike solar protection that darkens internal spaces, the amount of energy required for electric lighting in the rooms is actually reduced.

The shading offered by the architecturally appealing solar protection façade can be individually adjusted. A total of 1,600 fabric panels were used, each of which can be freely moved or folded.

The functionality and aesthetics of solar protection façades produced from GKD architectural fabric offer improved indoor conditions in buildings, energy saving potential, and protection, as well as providing architectural highlights. This building, which draws its name "Radiance Apartments" from the shimmering golden solar protection, is no different. You can discover more about the multidimensional nature, as well as the various surface treatment and design options of GKD architectural fabric here: Architectural fabric – colors and surfaces.

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