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5,000 square meters of metal fabrics: façades, walls and elevators in the Sony Center in Berlin

Sony Center, Berlin

Various GKD metal fabrics were used for the extensive cladding of the façades, walls and elevator compartments of the Sony Center in Berlin. The stainless steel meshes underline the architectural "lightness" of the unique building complex – designed by star architect Helmut Jahn from Chicago.

Large-scale mesh façades:

For these, the planners chose the innovative Escale stainless steel spiral mesh, which offers a high level of reflectivity from the outside and clear views from the inside. Thanks to its spiral structure, the metal fabric is especially malleable and can be shaped to fit virtually every building structure. When lighted from behind, the metal mesh looks like a translucent membrane; illuminated from the outside it appears as a closed, shining reflective surface.

Elevator and wall cladding with an artistic element:

The curved design mesh Ocean (an enhanced version of the mesh is now available under the name Baltic) embellishes and fills the interior architecture of the Filmhaus atrium as well as enhancing an entrance lobby and office and apartment blocks as a wall hanging element. The fabric is also used as interior wall cladding in 24 elevator compartments, amoung oters the "BahnTower", and lobbies of the parking garage. At the Sony headquarters, GKD metal fabrics made of stainless steel artistically frame a virtual waterfall.

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