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Solar protection façade made of wire mesh: Asfinag building


Rotating louvers made of PC-Omega stainless steel mesh on the new Asfinag office building ensure optimum solar protection at all times of the day and a sustainable energy balance.

When designing the new office building, architect Peter Lorenz focused on a representative exterior of the architecture that fits seamlessly into the cityscape of Innsbruck, as well as on modern standards such as energy efficiency and sustainability. The solar protection façade made of GKD wire mesh combines all the desired properties.

The façade cladding was realized with vertical stainless steel shading louvers from GKD. Each one of the 680 louvers (covering a total area of approximately 1,800 m²) was woven as a special mesh in one piece and in three different wire densities. To combine effective solar protection properties with the highest level of transparency, the shading louvers increase in density as it approaches the top. The moving mesh elements, with heights of around 2.80 - 3.80 m, are welded onto frames and are electrically operated.

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