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For concert hall acoustics, optics, & safety: Aluminum and stainless steel fabric

Koningin Elizabethzaal

Aluminum and stainless steel fabrics from GKD are used as a suspended ceiling, wall cladding, and on balustrades in the redesigned and acoustically optimized Koningin Elizabethzaal concert hall in Antwerp, Belgium. The fabrics provide acoustic neutrality, a high-quality visual effect, and fall guard protection, as well as concealing the building technology.

The elements of the suspended ceiling (fabric: Alu 6010) were stretched onto frames and fastened with stainless steel wires. For the first time, the complete elements were then powder-coated. In addition to their acoustic function, movable acoustic reflectors clad with aluminum fabric (suspended from the ceiling) ensure a homogeneous appearance. Their frames are mounted with the same powder-coated fabric used to clad the reflectors. Similar movable reflectors are also located on the back wall of the stage. They consist of gold-colored coated aluminum fabric, while stainless steel fabric (Omega 1520) with a gold-colored weft was used on the balustrades. The woven balustrade elements were mounted in a curved arrangement across the front and back of the curved balustrade.

Thanks to the large-scale use of GKD metal fabrics on the ceiling, walls, and balustrades in the new architectural concept, the concert hall now possesses world-class acoustics and an exclusive aesthetic.
Architect: Ian Simpson // Acoustic planning: Kirkegaard Associates, Chicago

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