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Trimetric: new filter medium for more efficient hot gas filtration

The high-performance Trimetric filter medium combines everything that highly efficient hot gas filtration requires: great porosity, high retention rates, thermal resistance up to 600 °C, mechanical robustness to vibrations, regenerability during operation, and external cleaning. Trimetric is plastic-free and consists of four-ply metallic, sintered laminate – the first-time combination of optimized dutch weave and stainless steel fibrous fleece. The high efficiency of this combination developed by GKD was first proven in a study by the Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT) and is now available in practice in the form of Trimetric.

The inherently stable Trimetric filter elements can be easily employed in all designs of standard dust filters and also in existing cartridge filter systems without alteration. Use in bag filter systems requires only minor modifications to the fastening elements of the respective filter housing. Trimetric filter elements do not require a support basket, and their good weldability ensures secure sealing between the raw gas side and the clean gas side. Cleaning outside the filter housing enables multiple reuse. The length of the cartridges is not limited. Any external diameter from 60 to 600 millimeters is possible.

In short: Trimetric filter media make a long-term contribution to increasing the process efficiency and cost-effectiveness of processing systems. The option of dust filtration at high temperatures makes it possible to achieve increases in energy efficiency while also reducing carbon emissions.

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