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TELA® weave combating blocked pores

Until the 1930s, metal meshes were mainly woven with square weaves. The problem, however, was that especially in coal slurry dewatering applications in the mining industry, these quickly became blocked and were difficult to clean. Josef Kufferath, the grandfather of today’s owners, developed a mesh with oblong weave and a smooth top surface: the TELA® or 5-heddle atlas weave, which was later patented, was born. Even today, the smooth upper surface enables more reliable filter cake discharge than other weave types. The oblong mesh ensures good filter cake dewatering, while the underside prevents the pores from becoming blocked.

The original idea for the TELA® weave, however, came from elsewhere. Together with a friend of his, a dentist, Josef Kufferath was trying to create a mesh that was friendly to the palate and at the same time smooth to the tongue to be used as a stabilizing material for dentures.

Its use in filtration applications, however, proved to be considerably more sustainable …


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