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New filtration mesh for a higher flow rate at low pore velocities

The new high-tech Porometric filtration mesh for highly efficient filtration of water, oil, gas, and polymers has been the recipient of the AFS Award, one of the most highly regarded innovation awards for filter media.

The inspiration for the design of the novel filtration mesh came from a comprehensive experimental study on the erosion behavior of filter media in pipelines, to which GKD contributed its CFD simulations. This made clear the relationship between inflow velocity and pore velocity distribution. Armed with the knowledge that the local velocity in the pores can be reduced through higher volume porosity of the filtration mesh, GKD began development on Porometric.

The high-tech filtration mesh in detail: very open, three-dimensional weave; high permeability; reduction of the local pore velocity by up to 40 % with constant volumetric flow, simultaneous increase of the flow rate; very good backwashability and low energy consumption/lower pump power required.

The Porometric filtration mesh possesses the highest permeability in the world in combination with a high dirt-holding capacity. Its properties offer decisive advantages in transporting oil and gas as well as in water processing – whether in municipal and industrial water treatment plants for filtering out microorganisms, preparing service and process water, and producing fresh water, in shipping for ballast water filtration, or in plastic-free water filtration, for example.

More about Porometric.

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