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New Conductive 7690 forming belt for spunbond applications

The great art in forming spunbond lies in achieving good grip of the filaments when they are placed onto the forming belt, while at the same time ensuring good release properties of the spunbond at the end of the belt. In addition to this, it must be possible to clean forming belts easily from any process-based soiling caused by polymer drops, which in the end is crucial for a longer service life. The innovative web structure of the CONDUCTIVE 7690 combines all of these attributes. Unlike other process belts, the grippy surface does not need to be roughened up in a costly mechanical process before use. This reduces machine downtimes. With the non-marking pin seam and interwoven, carbon-coated filaments for electrostatic discharge, critical materials can be produced for high-quality products using high speed systems.

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