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Microfilter crucible for more efficient and precise thermogravimetric analyses

Research into improving microplastics analysis originated from the innovative microfilter crucible for thermogravimetric analysis. The result: For the first time, the sample filter, made of optimized dutch weave, and sample holder are combined. The innovative filter crucible arose from joint research and development work by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), and GKD in the research project RUSEKU (Representative investigation strategies for an integrative system understanding of specific release of plastics into the environment). The project examined the advantages of the crucible for ultrafine filtration and analysis of liquids over the course of a year based on microplastics analytics. Increased analytical accuracy and a significant time saving for lab work were confirmed.

Thanks to its design and architecture, the TGA crucible can be used directly, sample preparation is simplified, recovery rates are increased, and particle loss and contamination are reduced. The filter crucible can be used for many different applications. It ensures efficient filtration and analysis of liquids with low particulate loads – not only when it comes to microplastics. You can find more information and details here: TGA microfilter crucible.

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