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Conducto® 3322 process belt for corrugated board applications: upper and lower belt for double facers

The innovative new Conducto® 3322 process belt is the all-in-one solution for standard corrugated board systems. It can be used both as the upper belt and lower belt in double facers. The stable and open weave structure and the design of the belt deliver numerous benefits for corrugated board production operations.

The durable belt is produced from polyester mesh with interwoven bronze wires. Its characteristics have been tailored specifically to the requirements of corrugated board production. The Conducto® 3322 therefore facilitates increased production speeds, reduced energy and glue consumption, as well as better steam extraction. Thanks to its special thermosetting, the permanently antistatic, Atex-certified process belt for corrugated board displays exceptional dimensional stability. This also helps reduce additional installation costs. The characteristics of the belt remain constant throughout its entire service life. The Conducto® 3322 also ensures improved flatness and stackability of the corrugated board sheets. As a traction belt/lower belt, the GKD innovation is available either with or without silicone coating. Matching GKD belt feeding tools also make belt changes a breeze.

More information & contact: GKD doublebacker belts

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