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Architectural mesh meets billboard: MEDIAMESH®

MEDIAMESH® is a particularly impressive example of the GKD engineers’ ability to “think outside the box” and devise completely new solutions. MEDIAMESH® is the idea of a transparent media façade based on modern LED technology: Fine, weather-proof tubes fitted with LEDs are woven into the GKD stainless steel mesh. The result is a high-resolution façade in accordance with customer specifications that can display all kinds of media content and which, in contrast to a traditional billboard, can be mounted in front of a glass façade. This grants the residents or employees inside the building an unhindered view of the outside surroundings, while offering viewers outside a truly cinematic experience whether during the day or in the night.


GKD sees a trend here extending far beyond the aims of advertisers. MEDIAMESH® unleashes a whole range of new opportunities for buildings, companies or cities to communicate with their environment and visitors in public spaces.

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