Planning and implementation in line with official construction requirements

In terms of approvals, façade claddings from GKD offer one key benefit: they comply with the requirements of the model building code and can therefore be used throughout Germany. General building approval for metal fabric façades from GKD also represents an important step toward the EU-wide approval (ETA/European Technical Assessment) of our façade systems, as well as our ceiling and wall cladding solutions.

The general building authority approval for metal mesh facades from GKD is one important step towards the EU-wide approval (ETB/European Technical Assessment) of our facade systems as well as ceiling and wall claddings

As an architect, planner, or building owner, you can avoid ambiguities right from the outset in your invitations to tender by specifying our fully certified and approved façade systems, whose performance criteria are both regulated and documented. This gives you certified safety and clarity in terms of conformity with regulations.

You can also spare yourself the hassle of applying for approval on a case-by-case basis (ZiE) in this segment by choosing one of our metal fabric attachment combinations. By using a GKD façade system, you enjoy legal certainty as a distributer and also avoid any potential liability claims from the building owner.

In your static calculations, you can rely on the certified and confirmed design and performance figures such as tensile load or modulus of elasticity of the GKD façade systems – with reliable factors for structural engineering.

Content of general building approval

The abZ Z-14.7-795 regulates the manufacture, design and use of the prefabricated meshes and their end and intermediate fastenings. Properties and composition of the materials used for ropes, spirals, weft bars, flat steels, pendulum lugs, round rods and eye bolts as well as for the Fusiomesh NG fastening system are documented in detail.

The labeling of the packaging, in-house and third-party inspections of production and products as well as provisions for the design and dimensioning of the ultimate limit state design, for the execution instructions as well as for use, maintenance and servicing are also bindingly shown in the abZ.

Range of validity of the abZ for the following fabric and fastening combinations

  • Metal mesh type Escale 7×1 with end fixing of inserted flat profile and fork terminal as well as intermediate fixing with tension cable
  • Metal mesh type Omega 1520 with end fastening type Fusiomesh NG as well as intermediate fastening with inserted round rod and pendulum bracket
  • Metal mesh type Tigris with end fastening made of inserted round rod and eye bolt as well as intermediate fastening with inserted round rod and pendulum bracket

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