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19. Abril 2022

Strong team established in US for sewage sludge dewatering

When it comes to mechanical sewage sludge dewatering, users and equipment manufacturers across the globe rely on screen belts in certified brand quality from GKD. The long-standing partnership between GKD USA and Alfa Laval, one of the top international providers of wastewater and sludge treatment services, has now been further solidified.

GKD holds the leading position in producing woven and spiraled process belts which offer individual design and are tailored to regional circumstances in terms of sludge composition, as well as customer-specific treatment processes and systems. The optimally matched combination of dewatering performance, particle retention, and cross stability lends the screen belt solutions the required efficiency for both municipal and industrial sewage treatment. GKD’s leading expertise is what motivated Alfa Laval to enter into a partnership with the process belt specialists for development of a new belt press for the US market.

The KPZ press from Alfa Laval combines the equipment manufacturer’s tried and tested press technology with the reliability of GKD process belts. This offers US customers a particularly high degree of flexibility when designing systems and fabrics. The press and screen belt combination is put together with a custom size, throughput, and targeted solids content based on the customer process and properties of the respective sewage sludges. This most recent example of customer-oriented strategy underlines the leading role of GKD screen belts for mechanical sewage sludge dewatering applications.

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