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15. Septiembre 2020

Solar protection façade: Golden glow for Radiance Apartments

Whether they're young or old – more and more people want to live near cities. The Radiance Apartments – a business and residential complex in Darling Harbour, Sydney – respond to this demand while helping to revitalize this long-neglected neighborhood. The brickwork base of the lower floor is a visual nod to the tradition of the district's old warehouses. For the façades of the upper floors, Tzannes Architects selected golden, movable fabric elements made from PC-ALU 6010 from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG. Their textile structure protects against direct sunlight and prying eyes.

Many of the 119 apartments spread over 15 floors have a view of the water or harbor. Restaurants, cinemas, harbor, and museums are just a few minutes’ walk away. Visually, two design elements stand out on the building: A brickwork base picks up elements of the surrounding historical architecture. The floors above are set back, giving them a floating appearance. The real eyecatcher here, though, are the sliding and folding fabric elements made of the golden anodized aluminum mesh PC-ALU 6010 from GKD. Around 1,600 panels – each 2,900 millimeters high and 500 to 600 millimeters wide – allow residents to arrange shading to their liking. This prevents the building from becoming uncomfortably hot in summer, meaning that the air-conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard. The transparency that is typical of the mesh creates a pleasant, daylight-bathed atmosphere within the building and gives residents an unencumbered view. At the same time, the movable elements protect against prying eyes. The freely sliding panels – which can be flat or folded – lend the building a dynamic vitality that is constantly changing. The weather-resistant fabric shimmers in the sunlight, hence the name “Radiance Apartments”. This iconic building is a new landmark in the up-and-coming district.

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