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15. Septiembre 2020

Process belts: PAD seam for optimum process integration

Process belt seams need to stand up to tough conditions: Scrapers, spreaders, or unevenly positioned products put a great deal of strain on them. With the PAD seam, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG offers an application-specific seam solution for optimum process integration.

A process belt is only as good as its woven seam. With the PAD seam, GKD offers a particularly durable and secure solution for demanding production processes. It consists of a special pad which is melted into the belt mesh in a hot melting procedure and pressed together with staples. The PAD seam from GKD therefore offers reliable hold and protects against damage caused by external mechanical influences. When using scrapers or wipers, the particularly flat seam prevents the belt or the system from being damaged while ensuring lower seam wear. Whether on screen belts in sewage sludge dewatering, Vacubelt filter belts for dewatering phosphorous or FGD gypsum, or in cooling lubricant filtration, GKD process belts stand out with a longer service life and improved belt running characteristics thanks to the PAD seam. For dewatering, drying, or cooling in the food industry, GKD offers polyester belts that meet the strict requirements of the FDA complete with PAD seam, adhesive, and staples. This compliance is regularly monitored and certified by an external testing institute. The seam sizes of each PAD seam are individually adapted to the process belt mesh designed for the specific application. In this way, the closed seam zone ensures that product penetration is minimized. In comparison with conventional seams, the patented manufacturing procedure of the PAD seam also enables constantly reproducible quality and impressively underlines GKD’s leading role as process belt specialist.

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