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12. Julio 2021

Porometric: Development of a high-performance mesh

With the development of the new Porometric filter range development, GKD is responding to a critical challenge in solid-liquid separation: generating greater throughput in an existing system by replacing the filter medium.

In extensive studies together with customers from the oil industry, the filtration specialists identified the disparity between the inflow velocity and pore velocity and the possibility of reducing the high local velocities by increasing the porosity of the filter medium. As such, the pore geometry was the main focus of deliberations in developing a new mesh. Instead of a square pore structure, GKD selected a rectangular shape with the same pore height. This increases the free filter surface – compared with a square pore structure – by 30 percent. At the same time, the blocking tendency lessens and the delta P (pressure loss) sinks. With a greater volume inside the filter medium, the flow velocity is more evenly distributed, drastically lowering the pore velocity.

The success of the optimized dutch weaves from GKD can be attributed to this finding. The specialists recognized the potential of developing this successful range and its slot-shaped pore structure into a three-dimensional mesh with the same pore geometry. Using computer-aided procedures, GKD developed the very open, ridge-shaped weave of Porometric. In tests, GKD proved that the first particulate layer most strongly influences the overall pressure loss. As such, the pressure loss is greatest in flat meshes with square apertures and a very small free filter surface. The three-dimensional structure of Porometric on the other hand acts like a spacer and, in conjunction with the slit-shaped pores, reduces the local pore velocity by up to 40 percent at the same volumetric flow – while at the same time raising the throughput by the same amount.

The high-performance mesh pairs this excellent permeability with great values for separation performance, dirt-holding capacity, and backwashability. In addition, the open area of up to 90 percent lowers the area density, making this mesh type significantly more economical. With its 3D structure, Porometric mesh is stable despite its high porosity. GKD offers this mesh type, which has won many awards, in ten levels of fineness from 13 to 100 µm and in 25-µm increments up to 200 µm as standard. Above 200 µm, any customized design up to 1,000 µm can be geometrically scaled up upon request and produced at short notice.

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