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20. Abril 2022

No entanglement, no losses

Whether used in face masks or vacuum cleaner bags – meltblown nonwovens need to perform with the best filter characteristics. One solution is the CONDUCTIVE 2215 process belt from GKD.

For the last two years, medical face masks have been a constant companion throughout the world when shopping, eating out or using public transport. In certain situations, they will certainly remain with us.

The masks themselves are based on a meltblown nonwoven. It must be air permeable, while at the same time boasting the best filter characteristics. The nonwoven material also needs to be smooth, lightweight, and free of imprints. These stipulations place very strict requirements on production operations, specifically on the process belt used to transport the nonwoven when it is formed. With the CONDUCTIVE 2215 process belt fabric, GKD offers an optimized solution that more and more manufacturers from the medical and industrial sectors have come to rely on. After all, the material, filament diameter, weave technology, and air permeability are perfectly matched to one another in the CONDUCTIVE 2215 – leading to an optimum mesh surface topography for precise nonwoven deposit. “Fiber entanglement or loss is a thing of the past,” explains Thomas Maßen, Sales & Application Manager for Process Belts at GKD. Even process-based electrostatic charge has no chance, as it is reliably dissipated by the carbon-coated filaments that are interwoven in the process belt.

Highly versatile – easy to install

When selecting the CONDUCTIVE 2215, customers can choose between two seam technologies: endless belt or woven-on pin seam. Both have been specifically designed to prevent any risk of imprint on the product. Tapered gibs, which are available in all usual standard sizes, are also fitted to the belt and help ensure reliable belt guidance.

The products come with easy to understand installation instructions, enabling customers to both install and maintain process belts from GKD themselves, including the CONDUCTIVE 2215. Said Maßen: “However, our dedicated Service Team is obviously also available at any time to offer practical support and advice.”

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