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22. Diciembre 2020

Neverleak filter leaves: Durably sealed filter elements

At GKD, Neverleak filter leaves for precoat or pressure filtration are a perfect example of the advantages of precision meshes and filter leaves from a single source. Unlike conventional riveted designs, the fully welded seal guarantees reliable leak tightness of the elements.

The automated production procedure for connecting the filtration mesh and solid frame was specially developed by GKD for Neverleak filter leaves. These leaves are used in the industrial production and processing of cooking oil made from soya beans, maize, or other seeds and grains, as well as in the production of sugar from sugar cane or sugar beet, organic and inorganic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, or soap. Neverleak filter leaves consist of the filter medium RPDW mesh – a robust, multi-ply supporting and drainage mesh – the durable, solid frame, and the tried and tested drain for high flow rates developed by GKD. The crease-free and smoothly mounted filtration mesh ensures even build-up of the filter cake. As it is tightly welded to the frame all around, leaks can be detected immediately and there is no need for time-consuming inspections. Alongside their great mechanical strength, what makes the high-performance filter leaves special is their reusable base frame. It can be refitted up to five times, which saves a lot of money in terms of overall costs. The existing supporting and frame design can also be refitted. The Neverleak filter leaves impress with their simple handling and maintenance. The use of application-optimized filter media made of recyclable stainless steel increases process efficiency and enables plastic-free filtration.

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