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21. Diciembre 2020

Metal fabric cloaks exclusive residential building in Sydney

A façade cladding that unites luxurious design, functional solar protection, and fall guard protection sets an unusual emphasis in Birchgrove, Australia. The shimmering cloak was made of 88 square meters of Lago metal mesh. It was assembled by Augen Design, a partner of GKD in Australia.

Birchgrove, close to Sydney’s business district, offers a fantastic view of the famous harbor. A residential building designed by COSO architects was given a modern and puristic design thanks to a multi-story sheath made of metal fabric. It opens the building to the attractive surroundings and homogenizes its façade. The building is topped by a roof terrace with a large glazed dormer running around the entire roof. Seven rectangular cut-to-size fabric panels – up to six meters long and almost five meters wide – were attached at the top and bottom using the Fusiomesh flat/flat system with clevis screws developed by GKD. As exterior shading, the fabric sheath guarantees a comfortable atmosphere throughout the year in the high Australian temperatures and is also a clear nod to timeless design. As the metal fabric reflects the solar energy and diverts it into the surroundings, heat input and costs for cooling are significantly reduced. The woven skin combines material-specific light transmission with its function as secure fall guard protection. Soft daylight inside the building reduces the need for artificial lighting. At the same time, the metal mesh façade enables unencumbered views of the outdoors from inside and protects against prying eyes. Targeted lighting from outside also protects residents’ privacy in the evening. Alongside this unusual combination of functionality and aesthetics, the virtually maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant fabric impresses with its sustainability as a material that can be recycled at the end of its service life.

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