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09. Julio 2021

GKD Group: Expanded Management Board with new organization

With effect from April 1, 2021, the GKD Group has appointed two additional members to its Management Board. Lara Kufferath and Markus Kosel join the two current members, Dr. Stephan Kufferath and Ingo Kufferath, qualified engineer.

The GKD Management Board will be divided in the future into four divisions with Group-wide responsibility: Dr. Stephan Kufferath (Sales & Marketing), Ingo Kufferath (Technology & Production), Lara Kufferath (Digitalization & Transformation), and Markus Kosel (Finance & Controlling). Lara Kufferath joined the company in 2019 as Head of Corporate Development. In this role, her focus was on Group-wide digitalization of business processes and organizational and process optimization. With her executive mandate, she is now responsible for IT and Digitalization, Personnel Development, PQS (Processes, Quality, & Sustainability), and Corporate Development. Markus Kosel has been with the company for around 20 years and has been entrusted with the finances of the entire GKD Group for much of this time. As the first manager from outside of the founding family, the graduate in business administration has been assigned an executive mandate.

With the expansion and reorientation of the Management Board, the GKD Group is considering its strong growth and the internationalization it has been pursuing for years. At the same time, it highlights another step toward long-term generation change. Stephan and Ingo Kufferath are set to switch from active management of the business to the Supervisory Board in June 2025 on the 100th anniversary of the company’s foundation.

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