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02. Noviembre 2021

Expanded offering: A one-stop shopping for the fiberglass mat industry

GKD is expanding its portfolio of process belts with three different belt types for impregnation processes in fiberglass mat production. As a globally recognized supplier of dryer belts for the fiberglass mat industry, GKD now caters to a second core process of fiberglass mat production all from a single source.

Virtually all manufacturers within the industry trust in the evenness and cross stability of GKD metal mesh belts in their drying processes. As a process belt specialist, GKD has been familiar with these companies’ systems, products, and processes for many years. GKD pairs this renowned expertise with decades of proven competence in synthetic process belts for demanding applications. The obvious next step was to translate this bundled expertise into new products for the fiberglass mat industry. GKD therefore conducted extensive surveys to ascertain what customers required of process belts for impregnation processes. This revealed how enormously significant these belts are to the success and efficiency of the production process. The size of the mesh opening, the number of contact points and the weave type are relevant to the quality of the end product.

Based on these findings, GKD developed three different belt types (1780, 1830, and 1865), which cover the entire spectrum of requirements through a range of various sized mesh openings. A special process-dependent thermal surface finishing gives the new mesh design excellent running properties. This is further enhanced by the stable edge structure with accurate edge detection. What’s more, the smooth belt surface ensures easy and gentle product release. In coordination with each customer, GKD selects the belt from its product range specifying optimal pore size and air permeability, taking into account the length and thickness of the glass fibers used, weave type, process and end product. GKD is a partner to the demanding fiberglass mat industry and is valued for its competence in systems engineering and product quality. With this portfolio expansion, GKD now offers an attractive option for fiberglass mat producers around the world: source success-critical process belts for impregnation and drying from a single source that has proven itself over many years.

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