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23. Noviembre 2020

GKD: Driver of innovation for efficient sewage sludge drying

GKD invented nothing less than the first dryer belt made from PPS synthetic material. The 5099 PPS belt was developed especially for high-temperature sewage sludge drying. Dryer belts from GKD still guarantee highly efficient sludge drying. They are successfully employed in industry and in municipal operations.

With decades of experience and a large portfolio of process belts, GKD offers its customers tailored, industry-specific solutions for demanding applications – from dewatering, pressing, filtration, separation, drying, cooling, and freezing through to embossing wood, heat treatment, production steps in the textile and nonwovens industry, and much more.

The optimum design of GKD belts forms the successful basis for efficient processes when drying raw materials in the form of powders, granulates, and pastes in the chemical industry.

Advantages for high-temperature sewage sludge drying

The GKD 5099 PPS and CONDUCTO® 5099 PPS process belts offer special properties specifically for high-temperature sewage sludge drying: mechanical strength, temperature resistance up to 180 °C, high resistance to chemical influences, very good running properties, and a long service life. What is more, the production of the belts is individually adapted to the processes of GKD customers.

The dryer belts are available as a standard PPS process belt or as PPS CONDUCTO® with patented electrostatic discharge. PPS process belts from GKD impress thanks to their high air permeability and have been the first choice for municipal and industrial sewage sludge drying applications for more than two decades. Customers include both equipment manufacturers and equipment operators.

Thanks to continuous technical fine-tuning and development, GKD belts for high-temperature applications are always up-to-date. They unite proven quality and continuous innovation. The result is particularly efficient drying in single or multi-level dryers.

Dryer belts for high-temperature sewage sludge drying

  • Application: Sludge drying
  • Advantage: Efficient high-temperature drying
  • Solution: GKD 5099 PPS & CONDUCTO® 5099 PPS

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