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About GKD Botswana

About GKD Group South Africa

The Board of Directors for GKD Botswana (PTY) Ltd is pleased to announce the creation and opening of a new subsidiary for GKD International.

This Corporation exists as a subsidiary of GKD Manufacturing South Africa. The Board of Directors GKD South Africa took this action to form the corporation in 2016 and the company has been duly incorporated into and fulfills the requirements of The Companies Act of Botswana CAP 42:01 of 2007. We are also happy to point out that GKD-Botswana is citizen majority owned which attests to our resolve of empowering the citizens of the countries we operate in.

This action was taken by the Board in response to the need for expansion into promising and growing markets. Botswana was the first target as it boasts of a growing and stable mining sector.

It is important to note that the Botswana subsidiary will run its activities independently as an independent corporate body. All the same, it will get its supplies and technical support where necessary from the GKD South Africa’s Randfontein manufacturing facility. The company continues to build capacity in as far as having the requisite skills base is concerned. We believe with the current team and expert level the team will be able to execute its mandate fully and grow the business in the Botswana territory and the GKD Group as a whole.

We trust that the reception the new business has got so far will grow in the fullness of time and we believe the new team will thrive in providing solutions to our territory.

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